It's seems it's all happening at Taboo on RatFM.
Jimsta is joined by new co-host Dee Star, who listeners may remember from our previous episode on Male Chastity & Key Holding (19/4/17). Dee has come on board as a regular co-host to Jimsta, bringing some great insights, and diversity to the discussion.

Tonight they are joined by stand-in button pusher and knob twiddler Mr. Johnny Getz, and special guests Tonbi and Coyote, discussing how martial arts can so seemlessly integrate into kink play.

Also in this episode we must sadly acknowledge the passing of music great Mr. Chris Cornell, who sadly seems to have taken his own life last week. It seems that Chris had been suffering from depression, and we at Taboo would like to extend our condolences, and support to his family, and indeed anyone who is suffering from depression, and to let them know that there are services available to help, and to never fear reaching out. Beyond Blue for example is an Australian independent non-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety disorders, and related mental disorders, and are there for people who need it. Remember, there is no shame in asking for help. They are contactable via their website, or by phone on 1300 22 46 36.

Some of our regular listeners may have also noted that we had no podcast last week. People who were listening in live or watching on our periscope feed, would know that we did have some technical issues in the program, and as a result the recording of that show was unfortunately pretty much unsalvageable. On a more positive note however, some kind members of the community have decided to contribute to the show with a donation of some new sound equipment to help avoid such technical problems, so special thanks to our supportive listeners, as we adore our new bling-coated microphones.

This weeks special guest on Taboo is.... Jimsta?
Wait... what... did we read that right?
We sure did, Jimsta wears the special guest hat this week as we dive into his specialty,
Western Rope. What is it?  How does it differ from other styles?  Does he wear a ten gallon hat?
(Spoiler... it's not that kind of "Western").
We also discuss his Martial Arts, Rope Rigging, & Photography skills in this jam packed episode.

The guys discuss the events of last week, the successful and popular Snake Pit Revisited event, and also touch on upcomming events.

Also special guest desk-operater this week, so while Adam is away for the next few weeks,
Ross steps in to push the buttons, and fiddle with knobs.

For 3 years The General and Dr Death quested for a band to grace a stage and go live on the show, but none would cross the river to join them! Too fearful to leave their safety zones of northern suburbs pubs and rehearsal rooms, Melbourne's bands cowered and would not venture south across the Yarra, unto the sandbelt. Then did El Colosso say boldly, "We are up to the task!"

So, on a Thursday, of the fifth month of the year, 2017, did El Colosso put forth a performance on RAT FM's stage, of their debut album, Pathways!

(Apologies for some issues with the sound. There will always be glitches on a first ever outside broadcast, well downstairs broadcast, at least.)

Or download it at: El Colosso Live

In tonights episode we are joined by Fetlife regular Arkie14 who tells us all about
"Arkie's Friday Munch" that he runs every month. You can check out the details on Fetlife under events, at the following link...

As always, we cover what has been happening in the world of kink, the events of last week, and how did everyone fare after such a busy weekend.

We did have a minor technical glitch at the start of the show, that messed up the audio levels of some of the presenters before the first ad break. Everything from the first ad onwards is all good.

In tonights episode, we catch up on recent events, and are also joined by special guest and kinky artist and comedian Jessie Ngiao, star of the smash hit YouTube comedy webseries Trying My Best, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 'Golden Gibbo Award' nominated show Slutmonster and Friends, and is also part of the creative team behind Birthday Loyalty Club, a unique and qwerky comedy group who isn't scared to shy away from what consitutes conventional ideas of media or comedy.

Jessie talks about her kinks and her artistic side, her previous experiences in the porn industry both as a contributer and an editor, plus what it's like to be a kinky, creative person, who takes her perverse world view, and expresses it in her works of art.

You can watch Trying My Best on YouTube right now, all episodes are available to stream, just click the link, it's comedy...for the sophisticated degenerate.
For only a few dollars, you can also purchase the album Beautiful Yelling Voice : Songs from Trying My Best, so you can listen to all the original catchy tunes that were written for this unique and hilarious webseries.

Adam the Desksub returns from his interstate working travels, once again taking command of the levers and buttons. Johnny Getz and Jimsta discuss the new time slot of 9pm-11pm starting next week, and the new hosting arrangements that will leave Jimsta steering the ship from now on.

We are also are joined by special guest Dee Star, to explore all things in the world of Male chastity, from belts, to cages, and the ever affectionately named... "Cock Lock".
Jimsta reveals a personal secret, and we hear from Dee what it's like to be one who holds the litereal Key to a man's proverbial fun-land.

We discussed Jimster becoming the new lead presenter of Taboo, from 26 April, and talk about newbie kinksters with the very experienced Snake and Unsub and new programs producer, along with acting desk dom and new RAT FM Program Manager, Ross, filling in while Adam's away.

The General, Dr Death and Lucifer play more great metal, shoot the shit and, oh yeah, they announce that El Colosso, Melbourne's newest heavy metal sensation, will be playing live on RAT FM's Disaster Zone on 11 May!