The regular gang of Jimsta, D, and Adam are back in the studio this week with special guest KL Joy, author of Kink Fiction.

We discuss inspirations of characters and locations, get a reading of one of the scenes from the book by the author herself, plus a lucky call-in listener gets a signed copy from KL as a wonderful giveaway prize.


The whole gang is back this week, with Jimsta, Ms D, and Adam the DeskSub all having a chat about the week gone by, and upcomming events.

On this show, we are joined by the lovely MJ (Honey), who gets deep into discussion about one of her and Jimsta's favorite play pastimes of Mindfuck. The art of messing with your play partners head. All consensually of course 😉

MJ also tells us about her jewlery line that, as an artisan, she creates herself under the name Scandalous Gems, and a special lucky winner calls in and wins a fabulous prize.
Remember folks... listen to the show live at 9pm AEST on Wednesday nights, as we regularly have giveaways, and special treats for our live listeners.

There is also a special annoucement exclusively for lovers of the TABOO program to get an amazing discount offer on purchases for the next four weeks from Scandalous Gems.
Make sure you listen to get the discount code word.


The day has come, the most anticipated day for the last 8 weeks as Desk Sub Adam returns to Taboo, and his home of button pushing and knob twiddling.
Regular Taboo host Jimsta once again takes the reigns with "M" filling in for Ms. Di as co-host.

The crew catchup on the events of last week, discuss Adam's breif foray into musical song writing, and performance at a recent wedding, and we touch on upcomming events of Splinter and Snake Pitt.

The crew also talks about Electro Sounding, the horrid abomination that is "glitter", we have a live prize giveaway in air, and we are visited by The General from RatFM's Disaster Zone show, with his take on some newbie views to the kink scene.

Jimsta and Mr. Johnny Getz recount the 'awesome' time they spent at the most recent Snake Pitt last week, and Jimsta has some interesting news about his role in an upcoming gig involving last weeks guest Avalon.

Jimsta and Dee also catch up with special guests Torny Ness, and Shae,
discussing all things Little and Middle, as well as Daddies and Mummies.

The show takes a few calls from some live listeners, and we let everyone know about the giveaway competition that Taboo is running.
To enter, submit your favourite 15 word fantasy for a chance to win a 10 inch Big Daddy strap-on dildo! The best entry will be read on air, and win the strap-on to feature in new fantasies! (You can remain anonymous if you wish, just let us know in the email).

Just send your fantasy to [email protected] before June 21, 2017 for your chance to win!

Our new duo hosts Jimsta and Dee Star are nicely settling in, and finding their groove, and tonight are joined by series regular Mr. Johnny Getz on the desk, with special guests Avalon and Jenna, discussing all things rope, and in particular the beautiful art of rope and Shibari, it's Japanese origins, and what it's like to tour the world bringing rope play, education, and understanding to the kinky masses.

Also as usual we catch up on what we did... and are going to... get up to on the weekend, and talk about recent, and upcomming events in the world of kink.
So join us once again for another hour and a half of fun, chat, and general 'kink-fuckery'.

It's seems it's all happening at Taboo on RatFM.
Jimsta is joined by new co-host Dee Star, who listeners may remember from our previous episode on Male Chastity & Key Holding (19/4/17). Dee has come on board as a regular co-host to Jimsta, bringing some great insights, and diversity to the discussion.

Tonight they are joined by stand-in button pusher and knob twiddler Mr. Johnny Getz, and special guests Tonbi and Coyote, discussing how martial arts can so seemlessly integrate into kink play.

Also in this episode we must sadly acknowledge the passing of music great Mr. Chris Cornell, who sadly seems to have taken his own life last week. It seems that Chris had been suffering from depression, and we at Taboo would like to extend our condolences, and support to his family, and indeed anyone who is suffering from depression, and to let them know that there are services available to help, and to never fear reaching out. Beyond Blue for example is an Australian independent non-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety disorders, and related mental disorders, and are there for people who need it. Remember, there is no shame in asking for help. They are contactable via their website, or by phone on 1300 22 46 36.

Some of our regular listeners may have also noted that we had no podcast last week. People who were listening in live or watching on our periscope feed, would know that we did have some technical issues in the program, and as a result the recording of that show was unfortunately pretty much unsalvageable. On a more positive note however, some kind members of the community have decided to contribute to the show with a donation of some new sound equipment to help avoid such technical problems, so special thanks to our supportive listeners, as we adore our new bling-coated microphones.

This weeks special guest on Taboo is.... Jimsta?
Wait... what... did we read that right?
We sure did, Jimsta wears the special guest hat this week as we dive into his specialty,
Western Rope. What is it?  How does it differ from other styles?  Does he wear a ten gallon hat?
(Spoiler... it's not that kind of "Western").
We also discuss his Martial Arts, Rope Rigging, & Photography skills in this jam packed episode.

The guys discuss the events of last week, the successful and popular Snake Pit Revisited event, and also touch on upcomming events.

Also special guest desk-operater this week, so while Adam is away for the next few weeks,
Ross steps in to push the buttons, and fiddle with knobs.