021 /08/2017 – Episode 1

Black Out 21/08/2017 – Episode 1
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Join Dragon, the host of the new show Black Out, as he plays music and tracks from the Goth scene, as well as chats to guests.

In his first episode, Dragon is joined by RatFM regulars 'The General' from Thursday nights Disaster Zone program, as well as Jimsta from Wednesday nights Taboo Show.

Show track list
Spiritwalker - Cult
The Mercy Seat - Nick cave and the bad seeds
Alice - Sister of Mercy
Call The Ships To Port - Covernt
Helios- The Cruxshowds
Hot Hot Hot! - The Cure
Temple of Love - Sister of Mercy
Do you love me ? (part 1) - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Gothic Girl - The 69 Eyes
My Girlfriend's Girlfriend - Type O Negivate
Blue Monday - Orgy
Kyoto Song - The Cure
The Beautiful People - Mason
I walk the Line - Alien Sex Fiend
Sebastianne - Sex Gang Children
Tear You Apart - She wants Revenge
Kiss - London After Midnight
Awfuly Sinister - Suspiria
Burn - The Cure