025 /09/2017 – Episode 6

Black Out 25/09/2017 – Episode 6
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This week Dragon is joined by Azhure Violet, arriving fashionably late, as per usual.

Pre-Show tracks
Thunder Buster - ACDC/Ghost buster Theme
Like A Surgeon - Weird Al

Show track list
Black Out theme
Its No Good on Fascination Steet - Depeche Mode vs The Cure
Strange Love Triangle - New Order vs Depeche Mode
Closer Crush - NIN vs Garbage
Lullaby In Your Eyes - The Cure vs Peter Gabriel
Siamese Twins on the Windscreen - The Cure vs Depeche Mode
Tainted Jesus - Soft Cell vs Depeche Mode
Twisting Man - Big Electric Cat
Amish Paradise - Weird Al
Golden Dream - Invisible Limits
Star - The Cult
Nightmare - A Flock of Seagulls
Love Will Tear us Apart - Joy Division
In Between Days - The Cure
Love You to Death - London After Midnight
This Corrosion - Sisters of Mercy
Preacher Man - Fields of Nephilim
Nymphetamine Fix - Cradle of Filth
Versus - Moonspell
Albino Flogged In Black - Entombed
Bye Bye Beautiful - Nightwish
Walking In My Shoes - Depeche Mode
The Holy Hour - The Cure