004 /09/2017 – Episode 3

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This week Dragon is joined by co-host The General (Disaster Zone) and Azhure Violet.

Show track list
Black Out Theme
Burn - Catwitch
Shivers - Boys Next Door
Orchid Dreaming - Big Electric Cats
Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
Path (Vol 2) - Apocalptica
Professional Killer - KMFDM
Massive Addictive - Amaranthe
Lucy Is Red - Nosferatu
Stitches - Orgy
Limitless - Black Tape for A Blue Girl
Sweet Dreams - Mason
Closer - NIN
Heirate Mich - Rammstein
Sweet Transvesite - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Vision Thing - Sisters of Mercy
A Forest (Tree Mix) - The Cure
Stripped - Depeche mode
Ignore the machine - Alien Sex Fiend
Steine sind steine - And One
Adrenaline (Deadline Mix) - Rosetta Stone
Dead Stars (Radio Mix) - Covenant
10.15 Saturday night - The Cure