011 /5/2017

Disaster Zone - El Colosso LIVE AT THE RAT 11/5/2017
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For 3 years The General and Dr Death quested for a band to grace a stage and go live on the show, but none would cross the river to join them! Too fearful to leave their safety zones of northern suburbs pubs and rehearsal rooms, Melbourne's bands cowered and would not venture south across the Yarra, unto the sandbelt. Then did El Colosso say boldly, "We are up to the task!"

So, on a Thursday, of the fifth month of the year, 2017, did El Colosso put forth a performance on RAT FM's stage, of their debut album, Pathways!

(Apologies for some issues with the sound. There will always be glitches on a first ever outside broadcast, well downstairs broadcast, at least.)