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This week, Sadistic Sub Jimsta, Tasty Tart Dani, and The Mighty Desksub Adam are joined live in the studio by international Bondage Movie star Loren Chance.
Talking about bondage, her experiences, and impressive filmography of bondage and kink.
We discuss her thoughts, and stories, and everything interesting in between.

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Jimsta, Dani, and Adam are joined by a special international guest via the power of the Internet, streaming in live to the studio from Germany, we are talking with Dr. Anna about what constitues 'normal' sex?  and other cool scientific stuff about sexuality.

You can find out more about Doctor Anna's Imaginarium, her science outreach program on her facebook page at, and check out her blog on her website

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The Taboo crew are back with another panel discussion show.

Featuring regular hosts Jimsta, Dani, and Desksub Adam, with special guests Kitty and also Heath from Splinter. We discuss past and upcomming events, touch on the recent annoucement of the results of the Australian Same Sex Marriage Plebacite, as well as talk about roles as doms and subs, where boundarys are, and other interesting topics of conversaion.

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This week Jimsta, Dani, and Adam are joined by author Ethan Millan,
writer of the book series, The Devils Untold Story.

You can find Ethan Millan through the books facebook page at

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Tonight Jimsta and Adam are joined by Jo Balmforth, festival coordinator for the Celebrating Sexuality Festival. We learn what the festival is all about, the workshops that are being run over the weekend long event, and some of the interesting kink related things you can learn as you discover and explore your sexuality.

You can get tickets for the festival running between 17th - 20th of November 2017 from the festival website, or you can check out their social media presence on Facebook.

Get in quick, because tickets are limited.

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Tonight Jimsta, Adam, and Dani talk to Marie from Marquis De Sade, discussing kink in fashion, and her amazing high quality corsetry and other related kink articals of clothing.
We touch on her beginnings and her growth to become one of the greatest corset makers in the world, having her work shown in fashion shows all over.

You can check our Maries amazing work at the website.

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This week there is a change in the air... a new co-host stepping in.
Join regulars Jimsta, Adam, and the newly minted Dani from PM Leather, as she joins the crew of Taboo.

Tonights show we interview Little Miss Leather, and talk about her amazing pieces of kink leatherwork.

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This week Jimsta, Ms. D, and The Desksub are joined by professional Doms Master Edward and Mistress Charlotte Sway, discussing what it is like to take on the role of being a Dom in a 'professional' sense. Do's and don'ts, as well as interesting stories and perspectives of working in a unique industry.