026 /04/2017 – Crafts, Kink, & Comedy

Taboo 26/04/2017 – Crafts, Kink, & Comedy
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In tonights episode, we catch up on recent events, and are also joined by special guest and kinky artist and comedian Jessie Ngiao, star of the smash hit YouTube comedy webseries Trying My Best, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 'Golden Gibbo Award' nominated show Slutmonster and Friends, and is also part of the creative team behind Birthday Loyalty Club, a unique and qwerky comedy group who isn't scared to shy away from what consitutes conventional ideas of media or comedy.

Jessie talks about her kinks and her artistic side, her previous experiences in the porn industry both as a contributer and an editor, plus what it's like to be a kinky, creative person, who takes her perverse world view, and expresses it in her works of art.

You can watch Trying My Best on YouTube right now, all episodes are available to stream, just click the link, it's comedy...for the sophisticated degenerate.
For only a few dollars, you can also purchase the album Beautiful Yelling Voice : Songs from Trying My Best, so you can listen to all the original catchy tunes that were written for this unique and hilarious webseries.