We offer a number of ways to listen to our show as there are many platforms that we need to cater for from Android, Macintosh and Windows on a number of platforms from computers, phones and tablets. We do our best efforts to meet the operational levels across all platforms and devices.

In addition to this you can listen to our Live Stream on a number of Streaming Directory’s like Tunein and Icecast and others. Tune in is an app you may download to your mobile device or by visiting www.tunein.com. Search for RATFM.

You may also wish to try one of the following methods to start the stream in other players that may be installed on your computer.

WinAmp & iTunes - Window Media Player - Real Player - Quick Time Player

If you wish to try Tunein this link will Redirecting you to the Tunein RatFM Player. Tunein

Please sms us on 0412711755 if you are experiencing any issues.